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Project Description
KegManager is a software package designed to collect, interpret and display relevant data collected from a kegerator. Each level of this project uses a Microsoft technology, from the .Net micro framework on the hardware to using the new Windows 8 Immersive UI for the frontend.

"Kegduino" - the hardware
This consists of the hardware and software that is actually collecting the data. Everything is built around a Netduino device running the .Net micro framework and connected to a series of sensors that will report information like: flow volume (for pouring), temperature, gas (CO2 or N) pressure etc. This data is then sent over a bluetooth connection to a nearby PC.

"KegMonitor" - The data logger
This software listens to the kegduino, interprets the packets, and writes the data to a datasource for posterity.

"KegManager" - The display
Using the new Windows 8 SDK, this immersive application will display the current status of the kegerator, including what beers are on tap, the current temperature, and will even support facial recognition of users.

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